Hello. I am a born Midwest girl who moved to Florida back in 2013 with my beautiful family.  We chose to move to Florida to escape those cold Wisconsin winters. Brr... 

Becoming a hairstylist has been one of the best decisions I could have ever made.  Art has always been a strong passion of mine.  In high school my favorite class was pottery.  I love getting lost in my creations. 


One of the best parts of my profession is the bond and connections that I make with my clients.  I love learning about what's going on in their lives and lending an ear when needed. It makes my day when I can see how beautiful they feel at the end of their visit.  We are all beautiful and I'm lucky that I get to help women know that.  I always try to have a very positive outlook on life.


After being in this industry for 14 years, my passion for my career just continues to intensify.  This industry is always changing and there is so much to learn.  I love taking classes and learning all of the latest trends while still brushing up on classic styles.   I enjoy bringing my new skills into the salon and teaching my clients some styling tricks as well.  I want to make sure that you can create the same style at home.  

I have 2 great kids, a son, and a daughter.  I love animals which is why I have so many now, I can't say no.  We have 2 dogs and 3 cats.  I am a big lover of nature.  I try to make sure that the products I use at home and in the salon are as "clean" as I can get. I make sure that they are vegan and sustainable.  We have this one beautiful world and I want to make sure it's that way for my children and future grandchildren.  At the same time, I don't take life too seriously.  I love to laugh and get outside.  I enjoy yoga or going for a jog.  When I can, I enjoy finding time to read.