Not just a ponytail

We all know that sometimes it's just easier to throw your hair up in a ponytail. Well one day leads to a second day and then a third and before you know it, that's how you wear it most days.

So I want to show you a few ideas on cute ways to wear your hair up:

1. Poof the bangs and back comb the crown. If you're hair is long enough you can wrap a strand around the rubber band to cover. Or you can make a small braid and wrap that around the rubber band.

2. A partial french braid around the hairline that goes into a ponytail.

3. This one is a half up and half down messy bun.

4. This one is a mohawk braid down the middle and it leads into a fishtail braid.

5. A mohawk french braid that goes into a mess bun.

Let me know if you need any help with a style.

#ponytails #braids #wavyhair #messybuns #buns

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