Brighten Me Up!!!

So we all know how much I love my purple shampoo. If you don't, I LOVE it! So I was super pumped when Kenra launched their own purple line.

With this amazing line comes a daily use Brightening shampoo and conditioner. Bonus, there is also an intense brightening treatment. This is amazing!! Now don't forget the treatment has to be left on for about 5 mins to allow maximum toning. You want to use the treatment every 1-2 weeks. Whenever you need to brighten your blonde or remove the yellow/ golden tones from your beautiful white/silver hair.

Want to know what absolutely sold me on this line, it will not stain your hair! NO GREY! NO VIOLET! Now if you love purple shampoos as much as me, you have probably experienced the greyish violet tones that can sometimes deposit on your ends. I've been there! Kenra's line will not stain your hair!

So don't let your gorgeous blondes get faded down and loose their brightness. Pick up your brightening line!

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