Prep your hair for Color

So I know we've all thought it before, "Should I wash my hair before I get my hair colored?" The answer is , maybe. It all depends on when you washed your hair last and what products you have in your hair.

Now if it's been a few days since you washed and you're going to get your hair done. You should wash it prior. Over a few days you have grease, dirt, and products built up on to your hair shaft. If you do not prep your hair before hand for color, it may not take evenly. Meaning you may have splotchy hair. At this point you are wanting the color to eat through all of what's built up on to your hair shaft. That may not happen.

So what should you do, you ask?

Clarify your hair!!!!!

You should be using the Kenra clarifying shampoo at least 1x a week. The clarifying shampoo will remove buildup from products and minerals. This buildup will dull your hair. Using the clarifying shampoo along with color protection shampoo and conditioner will keep your hair looking top notch.

The reason you want to clarify before a color service is it gives your hair a clean surface for color to be able to penetrate the cuticle and created an even, shiny gorgeous result.

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