Rewards program

I am so excited to announce my REWARDS PROGRAM!!!! Some of you have recieved your punch cards and have even received a punch or 2. (I get so excited for the hole puncher)

So above you will see how you earn points. Please when sharing or reviewing on social media tag @jennyatsalonshine. Also did you see that a referral is worth 25 points, which equals a $25 gift card. I am so excited to be implementing this. I am so thankful to all of my amazing clients and I feel so lucky with how much you refer me to your friends and family. I knew it was time to start showing you how thankful I am.

This is what your punch card looks like. I will be giving you on of these at your next appointment along with a few referral cards (I will explain next). Please bring your punch card with you for your appts. I will also do my best to keep track of points earned under your profile on my online booking system, Vagaro.

These are the referral cards that will have your name on them. I would love for you to give this to your friends or family to use towards their first visit.

Thank you so much! I hope you are as excited for this as I am.

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