Are all retailers created equally?

There are so many options on where you can buy all of your hair care products these days: online, drugstore, or salon. But the question is, "Are all of these retailers created equally?"

The answer is absolutely no!

You can only be guaranteed by a salon that you are getting what you are buying. We know when items are being discontinued or when packaging has changed.

I have walked through a chain store so many times and have seen shampoo,conditioners and styling aides that were discontinued or had package change from over 8 years ago. There is no way that product is not expired. I have also seen newsreports of products not being what they say they are. Some are watered down, missing half the product, or all together have a different label over the bottle.

When you buy hair products online or in unauthorized retailers you are supporting diversion. That is when products are being stolen from the company and sold somewhere not authorized to carry their line. I know it's so common to see hair products everywhere you go so it seems legit, but it's not.

I also want to point out that 9 times out of 10 it's not any cheaper than getting it from your hairstylist. You think they are because of who is carrying them, but they're not.

So if I can reiterate anything it would be, please only buy from the salon you go to. You will be supporting them and also having the peace of mind you are getting what you buy.

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