Youthful Hair

We all want more youthful hair right?!?!? Who wouldn't love to have less breakage, less frizz, more shine, etc. Well I have the answer to your dreams!

The snail essence is to prolong the youth of hair by fighting all 10 signs of aging: • Dulling • Breakage • Dryness • Porosity • Unmanageability • Thinning • Frizz • Elasticity • Scalp irritation • Coarse texture

The use of snail essence was discovered by Chilean farmers discovered how much softer and smoother their hands felt after working with snails. It is the #1 anti-aging ingredient in Korean skin care lines. It nourishes, restores and protects the hair cuticle from aging.

Snail essence is a highly concentrated blend of proteins. There are no parabens and it is sulfate free. The CC creme is a weightless leave-in that can be used on either wet or dry hair.

Trust me when I say that your hair will feel amazing after just one use.

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