This oil is for everything!

Ok we all know about coconut oil and how you can pretty much use it for everything. But it's time for coconut oil to move over because another amazing oil is making a name for itself, Bassu Oil.

What you haven't heard of Bassu Oil? Well let me open your eyes to a new world.

Bassu Oil is used for your hair. It is very moisturizing, but will not leave your hair feeling greasy or even weighed down. You only need to use the size of a pea to a dime. The oil will go directly into the cuticle of your hair and carry all the nutrients right into your hair shaft. It does not sit on the outside of your hair, thus why you won't feel greasy or weighed down.

Now Bassu Oil has so many more uses than just for your hair. Let me share with you below:

Bassu Oil has become a staple in our home and I recommend that everyone should use.

*BONUS* Bassu Oil is part of my refill program. That means when your bottle runs empty you can bring it in and I can fill it back up for you at a discounted price* AMAZING, RIGHT!?!

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