Hands down best Dry Shampoo

There are thousands of dry shampoo on the market. None of them compare to Surface Dry Shampoo.

I have tried quite a few that are out there. None of them make your hair feel clean. I like to be able to run my hands in my hair. This will give you a very natural feel up and no build up. It's residue free. Bonus for the gals with dark hair. You won't look like you have a white film over your hair. Also if you spray it in your hair and are wearing dark clothes, you won't look like you have dandruff.


It is made from:

*Volcanic Ash

*Ocean Water

*Lemon Extract

*Babassu Oil


It will enhance your color and a ton of shine. And side note, if you forget to put on deoderant, you can use this in place. So amazing, right?!?!?

So if you haven't tried this yet, it's time. Give yourself the gift of time and skip the hair washing and spray some dry shampoo in your hair.

It will be love at first use.

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